"If The Red Button had been around in the '60s when I was producing, I would have signed them to EMI."

-- Norman 'Hurricane' Smith, The Beatles original and longtime audio engineer




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As Far As Yesterday Goes is Availiable Now in Limited Edition Vinyl

Seth Swirsky of The Red Button holds up a copy of the vinyl version of the new Red Button record, As Far As Yesterday Goes.

Review in PowerPopaholic

As Posted on: powerpopaholic.blogspot.com

“Sonically this album is flawless, without a loose note and does the near impossible of topping the debut. So far this is the album to beat this year, as it quickly takes a top spot in my top ten albums of 2011. 10 out of 10!”

–Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic.com

On A Summer Day (Video) from the album As Far As Yesterday Goes (2011)


Cruel Girl (Video) from the album She’s About To Cross My Mind (2007).


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