As Far As Yesterday Goes (2011)

Posted on May 28, 2011 | 24 comments

As Far as Yesterday Goes CD Cover




  1. I love The Red Button!:o)

  2. Wow. This is really good. Props to as the review there led me here.

  3. “As Far As Yesterday Goes”:…Well,(southern prefix)…I said well,…
    if you need a Fab-a-holic Fix, here it is! Guys, this is the Pure Power Pop that I live for! Thank You! Anyone reading this should buy this album, and play it at Rude, and Inconciderate volume! Remember, life is too short to not communicate your love for music to your snoody neighbors…DON’T FAIL!

    Scooter Lesley,
    Retired AOR Radio Programmer,
    and proud Goldmine magazine subscriber.

  4. Finally, original great sounds in the 21st. century! I bought the first LP, and going to buy the second. I’m a big fan of The Red Button!

  5. I can heartily recommend the vinyl copy of this. The format really highlights the stellar musicianship on display here – with warm tones in the bass and electric piano, and offering headroom for the vocals and harmonies to breathe without being crushed. I can turn it up really loud and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Thanks for supporting the format!

  6. It was worth the wait for the new cd. I was thinking it may not happen but thanks guys for making another pop masterpiece in the vein of our 60’s heroes. Thanks Seth for personalizing the cd, that was very nice of you to take the time to do so and I appreciate it very much. The music is excellent and I hope there is a third cd in our future. Wishing you the best from Nashville.

  7. Great Stuff, I love it. Thanks to Christian Toto for bringing you to my attention.

  8. Hm, where has this group been all my life? I loved every song here!

  9. I just heard “Picture” yesterday morning on Sirius/XM “The Loft” and it made my day. The first album was a criminally overlooked gem, a modern pop classic channeling the Zombies, Hollies, Raspberries, and you know who. I’m ordering the new one right now; it will be on heavy rotation in my car CD player just like its predecessor. Now if you guys would just visit Wisconsin—–

  10. Now you’ve got enough songs for a good live show. Please gear up & get out on the road! Love both albums; looking forward to a “Best Of” someday. You’re showin’ the young’uns how it’s done. Great melody, harmony & songcraft.

  11. Your slow songs just lay me out low every time! Wonderful, impeccable pop music – congratulations on another masterpiece.

  12. Another set of gems from Swirsky & Ruekberg!

  13. New album sounds great. I will order after Canada Post sorts out their problems. And Laurie Biagini’s albums are good. Cheers.

  14. Ordered “As far as yesterday goes” on this site a week ago and had a signed copy in my letter box in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday. Considering the long wait for the actual follow up to the brilliant first album that was pretty fast! Another superb, genuine pop album by the Red Button, something rare to be cherised for years to come. Highly appreciate Seth´s “Watercolor day” too. Thank you guys, just what I needed on a summer day!

  15. Great stuff (but I would expect nothing less!) I’m already in love with “Girl, Don’t” and can’t wait to hear the full versions of all tracks.

  16. Twelve glimpses of power pop heaven! Take me away!

  17. Great tunes (as expected ;-)! Preordered the 2nd CD already – and listened to the first again. I’ll write about both in my blog as the CD arrives! Cheers, Andy

  18. Another stunning release! Eagerly waiting to purchase the whole

  19. Tremendous album! When are you guys going to play in L.A. again to support the new album? Need to see it performed LIVE!!!

  20. Perfect!

  21. Found out about you guys just now from a post by David Bash on Facebook. Just from the clips I can tell this is a great album, start to finish, and I will be placing my order as soon as I finish writing this comment. I rarely buy whole albums anymore, but “Caught In The Middle” really grabbed me and the hits just kept coming. This is pop music the way it should be!

  22. Forget June 21…….The first day of summer will be the day this cd arrives in my mailbox!
    Thanks Guys!!!!

  23. Absolutely brilliant! You guys have done it again! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail! (autographed, please ♥)

  24. New album “As Far As Yesterday Goes” can’t wait!!!

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