Review in HiFi & Musik Magazine (Sweden)

Posted on Nov 2, 2007 | 0 comments

“60s Pop. It was the album of the summer that past, which played in my car. The album She’s About To Cross My Mind debuted in 2007 but in 1965-66 at the same time. The band, or should I say, the duo, Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg are from the United States, but the music was composed in either Liverpool or perhaps London, USA. It’s pop that is both now and then with the Beatles. That is exactly how it sounds. No, not like the Red Button looking 40 years back in pop culture but rather they way the songs would have been written, sung and recorded back then, but as if today.
In general I do not like when music is a part of the past. I like it to be more present or futuristic. But the songs on this album are good. They get stuck in your head. I realized I cannot and will not give up listening to them.”

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