She’s About to Cross my Mind Named #1 Best CD at the Absolute Powerpop

Posted on Dec 21, 2007 | 0 comments

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As has been well-chronicled on this blog, I originally gave short shrift to the disc when it came out (although not that short, given that I had it at #8 at midyear). But this was the one disc that I kept coming back to, and the more I came back to it, the more I loved it. Whereas a piece of pop genius like “Ooh Girl” was apparent to me at first listen, it took a few trips back to fully appreciate a track like “Floating By”, which might have been the best example of the “McCartney sings the cheery verses while Lennon sings the cynical bridge” dynamic since “We Can Work It Out” with Swirsky in the McCartney role and Ruekberg as Lennon. That the track is filled out with a Alpert/Bacharach horn section accompanied by Ruekberg’s “ah-ah-ah” singalong of the horn parts propels it into the next dimension. Meanwhile, the couplet “She holds my attention/she breaks my resolve/she poses more problems than I’ll ever solve” from “Can’t Stop Thinking About Her” brings a smile to my face every time I hear it, and then there’s the closer “It’s No Secret”, which with its near-perfect melody, heartfelt lyrics and wonderful harmonies makes it the natural successor to The Beatles’ “If I Fell”. Don’t make the same mistake I initially did – while it’s easy to dismiss this as a tuneful pastiche or a genre exercise, there’s a real depth to it that rewards repeated listens. While some may cynically refer to the entire power pop genre as an effort to remake The Beatles or Big Star or Badfinger, this is one disc that deserves to be called an equal to its forebears. Here’s hoping this wasn’t a one-off project.

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