She’s About to Cross My Mind named Best Record of 2007 by Village Records

Posted on Dec 8, 2007 | 0 comments

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Despite what you might think there is no one more burned out and jaded than me when it comes to new pop or rock music. I don’t have a clue and care very little for what everyone else likes. However, just when they were about to shovel the last spade of dirt on me I heard this band through the earthen pile. This is the freshest new music currently in print. Their sound is totally retro, but not in a kitschy, or contemptible way. Like myself and many of you I’m sure that are totally enamored with the mid sixties jangling-harmonic pop sounds of swinging London and garage music of the Midwest our ship has come in. The best way I can describe this is for you to imagine if the Beatles and the Byrds had decided to record and album together in London around 1965. (Of course there was no reason for them to do this, but this is what it would have sounded like.) And if all that isn’t enough, the album also features melodies that you will remember. You heard me right, melodies. I think I can safely say this is going to be the best album that I hear all year. It may be a homage to the past, but it’s a glorious past that is always worth revisiting. No car should be without this one for summer. It won’t make you young or make your hair grow back, but you’ll feel young and if you try real hard you’ll feel the wind in your hair. This is my version of being “born again.”

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