She’s About To Cross My Mind (2007)

Posted on Nov 28, 2006 | 191 comments

She's About to Cross my Mind




  1. This band is one of the my favorite band in our times! I like both album put out by them. Thank for it! I wonder why they are no so popular like not so good group? May they get it!

  2. Fantastic!!!
    I love your sound! especially “ooh girl” is my favorite!!

  3. Amazing… I love the sound. Nailed the Beatles’s aesthetic. Remands me of other bands trying with a British pop sensibilities like Apples In Stereo. Hope Rob has heard your band. What a double billing Red Button and Apples In Stereo. I have been turning on all my friends. Best band come along since Dungen. I also put your Cruel Girl video on an Auction site i designed right on home page… Just spreading the word.

  4. Oh damn please tour the US.

  5. An amazing record – I love every song – absolute pleasure for my ears – please make another record soon!!!!!

  6. If it wasn’t for The Steve Hoffman Forum I would have lived a life devoid of the opportunity to hear the most remarkably Beatlesque sounds I’ve had the pleasure to wrap my ears around.
    But luckily for me, I got tuned in and I – as a Beatles fanatic since the ripe old age of 3 years and 11 months (my earliest memory was mum calling us down from our beds to see The Beatles on Ed Sullivan) – am in Beatle Heaven. And that’s a great place to be… especially at this moment in time, with the Remasters less then a month away.
    And now that I’m a Red Buttonian, a new album at the same time?! I can hardly contain my excitement!! Hooray and Huzzah! It’s certainly good to be alive…

  7. Just Perfect, everything I love about pop music, I also found The Red Button while looking for new music on Amazon, thank goodness for ‘Listen To Samples’. Keep it up fellas.

  8. I read about this CD at a Marshall Crenshaw site, came here and…..JUST AMAZING!!! I’m telling EVERYONE I know about this CD….purely fabtastic!

  9. Nice article

  10. Wow-Just Wow! I found your first album on Amazon as I was jumping around looking for new music. I listened to two tracks and about fell out of my chair. This is the kind of music I miss the most!
    I just turned 50 the end of last year and I listen to all kinds of music. You guy’s just blow me away. I bought the MP3 album – next its the real CD. I hope you guys keep going and do really-really well!

  11. I only listen to music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. But Cruel Girl is crazy good.

  12. Hey hey!
    I am in love with you guys. I hope your next album is as great as the first, and I cannot wait for it to be released!! Please upload some samples from the new album via
    Take care!!

  13. Hi Seth,
    You can thank SPEED RACER for me discovering THE RED BUTTON. They played CRUEL GIRL at the theater as part of the pre-movie trailer program before the lights went down.
    Great vibe and made me smile that someone out there still "gets it"!!!
    Best of fortune to you in the years to come!
    Let me know next time you guys are playing a local gig. I’ll get HofnersIn LA and Grinch to come along, as we are all valley boys!!!
    Brian Penikas

  14. I heard you guys for the first time while waiting for a movie to start and thought I had been taken back to the 60’s!!! I just bought the album and can’t wait to listen to it. These are the nicest most melodic tunes I’ve heard coming from this generation in a long long time. I’m 60 and I’ve heard a lot. I am a hobbiest song writer and musician with a lifetime influence by Brian Wilson whom I have gotten to know a little. It sure is great to hear good music from this generation!!

  15. I’m another one of those who first heard your music on Sirius Radio’s Garage Channel.
    This is what critics mean when they write about “reasons for living.” My belief that great music is still out there has been rewarded. This is the kind of record that you want to buy a bunch of and hand them out to friends. In a perfect world, this is what truly “pop” music would sound like. I’ve had the disc for a few weeks, and must have spun it ten times. For fans of melodic rock with hooks and harmonies and clever 60’s-laced influences, we would be hard-pressed to find anything better. Need I add that I’m very excited to hear your next record? Thanks for the joy “She’s About to Cross My Mind” has brought me.

  16. I’m another one of those who first heard your music on Sirius Radio’s Garage Channel.
    This is what critics mean when they write about “reasons for living.” My belief that great music is still out there has been rewarded. This is the kind of record that you want to buy a bunch of and hand them out to friends. In a perfect world, this is what truly “pop” music would sound like. I’ve had the disc for a few weeks, and must have spun it ten times. For fans of melodic rock with hooks and harmonies and clever 60’s-laced influences, we would be hard-pressed to find anything better. Need I add that I’m very excited to hear your next record? Thanks for the joy “She’s About to Cross My Mind” has brought me.

  17. Zoinks! Like wow! An incredible PowerPop masterpiece! I hope you guys know that you’ve already earned a place in my mind alongside the PowerPop greats, like the Knack, JellyFish, Big Star, The Records, etc. Heck, this album stands solid next to any ORIGINAL british invasion release as well! I’m talkin’ head to head with the Beatles for cryin’ out loud!
    Thanks for making my year. Maybe good music isn’t gone forever ater all!

  18. Zoinks! Like wow! An incredible PowerPop masterpiece! I hope you guys know that you’ve already eraned a place in my mind alongside the PowerPop greats, like the Knack, JellyFish, Big Star, The Records, etc. Heck, this album stands solid next to any ORIGINAL british invasion release as well! I’m talkin’ head to head with the Beatles for cryin’ out loud!
    Thanks for making my year. Maybe good music isn’t gone forever ater all!

  19. You make my day!

  20. Good

  21. Folks, we have a winnah! Sweet Jesus these guys are good. Cotton Mather almost nailed it but Cross My Mind takes it home. Gotta be a tour in the works – you guys need a bass player?

  22. Super Super Super
    Super Super Super

  23. My new favorite band! Start the tour!

  24. i love your record
    well done and do it again
    greetings from Basel/Switzerland

  25. I like all the music. Some of the best songs I’ve ever heard!

  26. The site’s very professional! Keep up the good work!

  27. Just bought the CD WOW What a collection of fantastic songs. Mcartney / Lennon would be proud if they had penned them. Brilliant

  28. Hey Guys,
    I just love your work. Hope you go from strength to strength and keep making such great music for us to enjoy.

  29. Hey Red Button!
    I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
    I know I’m thankful I have my Red Button CD in the car for the drive to New Jersey today!
    Have a great holiday and thanks for all the fantastic music!
    Neptune Girl 🙂

  30. when are you going to play at the iron horse in northampton, MA?jk

  31. Hey guys,
    Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know I’ve been groovin’ to the cd.Is it on wax by any chance.

  32. Hi Seth,
    Show #3 is in the can and up and running.
    THE RED BUTTON is featured on the
    program. Thanks again for allowing me to
    play your music. Your’re a talented Singer/
    Songwriter and it’s an honor and a privilege
    for me to play your songs. Good luck with
    the new project and keep me posted.
    I’m a fan.
    All the best,
    Doug Cowen

  33. thank you for making something that real.upbeat,lyrical pop takes years to perfect.true poetry.thanks.i’m in for the ride

  34. I just received the CD in the post and put it straight on. What a fantastic album, all 11 tracks are amazing. Well done guys.

  35. I am absolutely in love with the band after hearing “Cruel Girl” a bunch on the Sirius Garage station and not knowing who did it. But I’m glad I know now, because the songs are absolutely amazing.

  36. good stuff. cruel girl captured that mid 60s sound right on “the button” : ).

  37. Hello, I just heard “cruel girl” on Sirius channel 25 (garage?) anyway I love it… where can I get a copy of this Beatlesque goodness? Its refreshing to finally hear something new that doesnt sound reguritated and doesnt sound like every other band playing on standard radio. Cant wait to hear more of the album.

  38. Love the music, guys! Any tour in the works? Please come to Boston in the Springtime! Cheers and please keep playing…there\’s a real dearth of melodic power pop which you guys fill nicely.

  39. great stuff !!!! Is there a tour in the works ?

  40. From a Baltimore fan
    Cruel Girl has got to be the best song of 2007! I’ve been catching it on Underground Garage and everytime it’s on I stop what I’m doing and enjoy. Rest of the album kicks equally!
    I’m a fan!
    Thanks loads.

  41. i heard ‘cruel girl’ on the radio coming home from work the other night and i couldn’t get it out of my head until i found the artist. the entire album is seriously great stuff!

  42. Any band that can embrace the tenets of the three B’s (Beatles, Byrds and Badfinger) are OK in my book. This band far exceeds OK. This is just an awesome power pop classic. I can’t stop listening. It lifts up my heart! Come to Philly. Please!!

  43. mike and seth,
    just came from spaceland, where i saw you guys and picked up a copy of the cd. Loved you guys tonight and i enjoyed the cd on the way home.

  44. Saw you at Spaceland. Loved it! Wanted to let you know. 🙂 Nicki Torrance

  45. Hey Guys,
    i recently bought your album, she’s about to cross my mind, which is really blowin’ my mind. i’m writin’ now to thank you for putting such cool music out into the world.
    your fan,
    Mike Renick

  46. I caught ‘Cruel Girl’ on Little Steven’s show driving back from the beach and asked out loud “how in the world did I miss this ‘lost’ Badfinger track?” The influence is pronounced… Absolutely, fantastic!

  47. I also heard “Cruel Girl” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage! And immediately went home and ordered it and it came today, and we are all amazed at how fantastic it is. Definitely a group I”ve been waiting for, and I”m going to turn my kids on to it (they’re in college) so they know what a cool mom I am.

  48. I, like many listeners, caught wind of this beauty, Cruel Girl, on Little Steven’s show on Sirius 25. Harmonies, jangly guitars and a chorus to die for. When I first heard it, I thought it was Enuff Znuff (a good thing to me). Keep ’em coming guys!!

  49. Heard the song on Little Steven’s Underground Garage on 7/22 and by 7/25 I had the disc spinning in my cd player. Great record! Long live power pop!

  50. Sweet Power Pop at its best! That’s the feel-good sound I grew up with and continue to seek out. I guess I’ll have to amend my usual statement that modern music is crap. Nice job boys!

  51. You lucky LA’ers going to the Spaceland show — Enjoy! Hey Red Button you guys really need to do a small tour to satisfy your growing obsessive fanbase! Your praises are well deserved guys. Fabulous sound, excellent production. Congrats Mike & Seth.

  52. I can’t get “Cruel Girl” out of my head, especially after seeing that terrific video! Great stuff!

  53. hey guys, been seeing your name everywhere and its always good. so congratulations. its great to see and hear a band doing 60’s styled music and well at that.

  54. wow!!!!!!

  55. Hey, Bobby Emmons here from WIBG radio in New Jersey. I just wanted to mention that I will be spinning Cruel Girl this Saturday at 4pm EST on my radio program. The program will also feature an interview with Little Anthony and the Imperials. You can listen live at Bobby

  56. It’s nice to hear that someone is still making great pop music. I love it! Nobody else sounds like you guys anymore…

  57. Pop music, like wings that let you fly… I dig your music.. its got true heart.

  58. So it finally arrived, such a beautiful and splendid album… I want to play this on the radio right now!! Thanks again, not only for sending this cd to me, but for making brighter days with such beautiful songs…

  59. I like hard rock and metal but I also have a ear for all music. You have a classic sound . I love your voices . they mesh well together.

  60. I’m digging your sound, my friend.
    Are you interested in trading discs?
    Rock on.

  61. I normally am not all that into the music I find on myspace but WOW!!! This is sunny day, driving through town with the windows down kind of music. Glad I found this record.

  62. Thank you for letting your music find my ears! I am delighted to make your acquaintance.

  63. When are you playing L.A./Hollywood in future? Would like to see you live!

  64. Love your video Cruel Girl, Monogroove would love to play a show with you. You have honed in on that 60’s vibe and sound!

    i love your stuff

  66. These songs are phenomenally groovy!
    Seriously, these songs are great. There are a lot of bands that are trying to emulate this mid-60’s pop sound but I rarely get into them, because its mostly form rather than content.
    As always , its the songwriting that counts.
    Kudos to you, and looking forward to hearing more!

  67. These lyrics are so rich its as if they have their own color tone. You will never think of the hard times in life listening to these songs which is why I think they resonate with people. Each song has its own voice and if you really listen, they will speak to you.

  68. Thank you for accepting my add on Myspace and bein in my music foxhole. You boys have a way with words and know how to twist a tune to make it your own. I dig your scene!

  69. Thank you for the ever continuing blessing of your creativity. This kind of Pop is and always has been an integral part in shaping my musical life.

  70. I discovered your music thanks to the glowing review in the latest SHINDIG online reviews section. Great stuff! I grew up in the LA area, where my high school mates and I had our own garage band “The Far End” circa ’66-’68, with one living room recording for posterity (and laughs.) I like to say, “there is more great ’60s music available today than in the 60s! I’m in Seattle now, where the Green Pajamas occasionally come out to play. Keep up the good work — the world needs this music.

  71. Incredible vibe and talent you have going on here. Accomplished, sweet and entertaining in every form. You’re great work better not be over for the pop good in us all…

  72. I think music’s best sounds come out in this type of work. Thanks for many hours of listening pleasure and coming up aces in powerpop.

  73. AHHHH! Button, I love it!!! It is so beautiful. You are the men. 🙂 Just incredible!!!! I am supposed to be getting ready to hop on a plane to New York and I can’t peel myself away from the new music! It’s on fire.

  74. Hey! Was searching for some hidden treasures in the music world on the internet and came across Seth and Mike and your Button creation. Much appreciated if you keep the PowerPop baby alive and kicking!

  75. Red Button! Hey! We need your CD at Beatles-A-Rama!!! You are the Beatlesque Bomb! contact us, please!…can’t wait!

  76. I have to say that for the first time in years someone has actually blown my mind. Finally melody, harmonies, hooks and bridges have combined to create some of the coolest music I have ever heard. Guys your sound is addictive…I am so happy to have found you guys.

  77. Aloha! Loving the disc in its purest form. How’s life as pop idols?

  78. yall r the best freakin band ever!! i love the music…. listen to it all the time

  79. I relate to every second of the album, both lyrically and musically. As a musician I look at arrangements as a much important aspect, and this is as fine as it gets.

  80. Timeless, brilliant music. Makes me smile like a Cheshire cat and tap my feet like an epileptic centipede listening to your stuff

  81. The Red Button is total boss! Sigh, I guess I was just not cut out for music today… Where were you then and can I thank you for now? J

  82. Nice thanks for the attention on myspace.. chidas sus rolas saludos from puebla mexico 😉

  83. What can I say? I’m totally addicted to your music! Its like therapy in my day. A master piece of pop in the musical pie.

  84. Finally some songs I can commit to memory! I thought that would never happen again at my age, haha! Just listened to Floating By.. amazing.

  85. Hey gents, greetings from the southern hemisphere here! Thanks for accepting my add on Myspace, I love your classic sound!

  86. When will people understand that simple tracks like THESE are what changes the way music is listened to?!?! Legends are born in sweet simplicity, not overdrawn soliloquies. Well done to you boys.

  87. Hi guys. Dropped to say hi and to have a good day. Pittsburgh loves you!

  88. Really amazing. I love all your songs, especially Cruel Girl. You guys will always rock. Check out my radio show sometime.

  89. I love your music because it always reminds me of home. I used to live on the coast and blast these pop tunes from my car driving down the freeway.

  90. U are such great singers. When you heading this way? Hm?

  91. All my best and all my respect from Switzerland. Cannot wait for another record by the Button!!!!

  92. A record that would be celebrated years from now in the proper forum. Crisp and delightful, just thought you should know from a dying generation.

  93. Albums like this one are a continued source of inspiration for me. Thank you for the teachings on what makes music grand.

  94. Who needs the Fab Four now? America’s New Band.

  95. Surfin the net and found your magical sounds. People die but songs live forever.. Great work.

  96. I’m glad the world is small enough for this music to travel all the way to Holland so my ears could hear it! Much love.

  97. I grew up listening to guys like you and all your old pals as influences.. Hope to see you guys in concert.

  98. Nice sound…you guys seem vaguely familiar… Some of our favorite listening material!

  99. Hey ReD ButtoN! Can’t remember life without this kind of pop mattering to me! can’t imagine it either!

  100. Viva Red Button! You guys would have been music pioneers with this stuff!

  101. Seth & Mike, this is just AWESOME stuff! You guys are a throwback to an era that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s like 60’s music with today’s technological clarity! I wish you all the success you deserve. Thanks for taking me back with your incredible sound, while proving that great pop songs can still be written and properly produced. Best Always, Vince

  102. I love your cd so much. I can’t explain exactly the reason, it just makes me really feel good. It’s the only one that plays where I work that doesn’t have people asking to turn it down or off. It’s really loved universally.

  103. I just picked up the Red Button album. As long as there are bands that continue to make music like this, everything will be all right with the world.

  104. So far this my best of 2007 choice. Thanks for the great music.

  105. i am a disciple of pat@main street music in manayunk (philly), and trip mcclatchy, and was introduced to the record by them; essential, some of the best new music in years;

  106. We, (my family and I) have been listening to this album non stop after one of my boys yesterday played the songs for all of us to hear. Our family and friends love it and it is truly a terrific batch of tunes.

  107. If I were Norman Smith in the 60’s, I would’ve singed you guys to EMI!
    Great music and production!

  108. Being a Monkees fan myself I cant help but hear the similarities. Even still, I think you guys sound even more like the Beatles and I probably could not give a better compliment. Keep up the great work.

  109. Some of the best music I have heard in the last 40 years! You guys are awesome and be sure to keep your pop grind movin so I can see you rise to the top. Keep us fans in touch!

  110. Just became a ‘friend’ on My-space. Droppin by to say alo!

  111. Right on, killer tunes Button. A masterminded array of songs.

  112. Its sure melodic alright! Love your myspace and band website! <3333 Dedi

  113. I’ve listened to every one of your songs and will continue to do so over and over and over. Simply put I just love your band!

  114. Hey Seth and Mike! Boy this music reminds me so much of what I used to sing with my friends, and with the huge lot of 45’s I have from those days you can see your influence throughout all of em. I’m purchasing the cd now to have as my summer record.

  115. Been playing the hell out of your excellent record last week on the air. How are the sales going? Its getting GREAT approval from all my listeners. I’ve been urging them all to buy such a hip pop album!

  116. Boys I have to tip my hat to your pop-tacular talent.. Recently got your album along with ‘Instant Pleasure’ and they have not left the CD player since. All my best and keep pavin’ the way with your pop…

  117. Extremely enjoyable and happy music, like your sound, thx!

  118. Absolutely great! Glad I got to your page on Myspace!

  119. Mindblowing!!! Catchy melodies, classic instrumentals, a groovy, swinging vibe.. Brilliant songwriting and production. I’m loving your album!

  120. Hope to see you soon…… stopping by to say hi from the heart of France, very cool music

  121. Very cool sound, nicely done. I wish you the best for the album release. I enjoy writing songs as well but Im afraid I need some pointers. Thanks for the instruction manual!

  122. You guys are BLIMEY BRILLIANT!Can’t wait to get the record.
    Totaly timeless!!!!!Buttons forever! Cheers~

  123. I am purely fanatical about The Red Button! Thank you for giving us jaded musicians hope for the years to come. Awesome tunes.

  124. Justice in this universe would have this album at the top of the pop charts. Simply love it. Did I mention that so far? Great work.

  125. I just bought “She’s about to cross my mind”. Haven’t heard music this good in many years. Can’t wait for another cd!

  126. Brilliant stuff Button. Little did I know I’d hear you while taking a bath from my boyfriend playing it in the other room. I hope you get all the success in the world because no group deserves it more right now. Just great.

  127. How cool is it that you have a testimonial from Norman Smith? All of them are excellent but “She’s About To Cross My Mind” was what reeled me in though!

  128. !! I must say great album! Top to bottom the new CD is terrific! Not since ‘Hard Days Night’ have I heard that much 12 string Rickenbacker on an entire record, which, as we all know, doesn’t get any better!

  129. Very cool song, Cruel Girl and this video totally suits it. Love all the vintage film clips. Groovy!

  130. Sigh… these songs remind me of my concert days. When you hear
    powerpop and think of all the shows youve been to its a ‘job’ you
    never want to retire from.. Some of the best times of my life were
    listening to similar love lyrics under the stars some years ago..
    thank you

  131. i’m sure the red button will never make it to the extremely remote town of Libby, but if you ever do make sure I get a holler cause Ill be first in line for the show!

  132. Someone mentioned you fine folks to me on the musicnowtoday blog and
    were singing your praises so this comment is just me leaving proof
    that they were right and your beat is fantasticc

  133. clicked on over from myspace, terrific vibe you have in your songs, wanted to say hello and take a look around your website

  134. thanks for digging up my musical memories, fine by me that the
    british invasion will never stop.

  135. read your review with exclusive magazine. funny how the first song you two wrote together is the best on the album, “shes about to cross my mind”

  136. stoppin’ by to say that cruel girl is my absolute favoritest and i wish i had the british lipstick in the video 😛

  137. Nicely done lads! I’ve ordered your CD and when it arrives I’m going to take a drive (minus the wife & kid) to really sink my ears into it.

  138. Greetings from Houston! Hope to hear you on the radio here soon.
    P.S. Im sure it will be in your news section but lemme know your
    tour dates in this area ASAP– Thanks! Floating By rocks of the 60s!

  139. Having so much fun with your music and vibe, I will ‘cross’ back for
    more and more, have a good Sunday Button!

  140. finally had time on the weekend to check you guys out! im your
    friend on myspace and love you guys. these songs are so sweet and
    sugary and yet so vicious haha! (cruel girl)

  141. these songs bring back so many memories of the way music used to be.
    a time machine for the ages and lastingly refreshing

  142. You guys keep it so simple and real and make songwriting look natural

  143. constantly pass by this page, you guys are awesome to your fans with
    all the updates, appreciate ’em

  144. HEY RED BUTTON!! I just joined your “Friends” on Myspace and I LOVE your music!! You belong in the UK with me! She’s About To Cross My Mind….

  145. I thoroughly got a kick reading about the Button in these
    interviews. I also like the pop up lyrics and the spinning record is
    just too cool for school.

  146. love the cruel girl video!! very creative and 60s!

  147. Hee hee! Cant get enough of the monkeys playing in the “CRUEL GIRL”
    video. Funny. I also need a pair of those sunglasses 🙂 Love the
    song, have a good evening.

  148. tour dates throughout california in the cards? just curious. cant
    wait for your interview on UCLA radio in April.

  149. You dawgs! With all this talent and a beat to boot! Crazy I say,
    crazy! Very pleased to be this band’s acquaintance

  150. Hey this is Steve Perenza and just wanted to tell you how much I like
    your music and enjoy its positive spin. It stands out in the
    negative music world these days talking about death and destruction.
    Instead this is about fun and heartbreak, things we can all relate
    to. glad my friend referred me to you guys, thank you.

  151. oohh man gonna make you mine is absolutely delicious! whats the next
    single gonna be?

  152. The Red Button, its been awhile, how are things? I cant seem to
    stray from your creative energy for long can I? I really enjoy the
    lyrics and flow of Floating By. Hopes Up is a very crisp track and
    Free sounds like its from Paul Mccartney himself. Cruel girl though
    is your guys’ most flawless song. The melody clicks and its one of
    those songs that you know from the opening seconds its complete.
    Keep it up from one of your biggest fans..

  153. We love you north of the border, cheers from the fam

  154. thanks for the smile from the cruel girl video, takes me back…

  155. did I miss on the website where your tour dates were? you guys
    planning on making any trips through saint paul? curious to hear
    your hits live, nothing like live 60s sounds.

  156. Heard The Red Button on WCBE radio in Columbus! Utterly fantastic!!!!

  157. your sounds truly break the mold, cant wait to hear more

  158. rock is fun, metal is now but pop is forever.. timeless stuff,
    appreciate it.

  159. Hey you guys going to be heading to Nashville any time soon???!
    Tennessee can’t get enough Button!

  160. Dropped in for the site updates, thanks for all the info. Love ‘Ooh
    Girl’ btw…

  161. bout time someone did this right. Keep it real, keep it simple, keep it pop, and just keep it like this, cause this talent needs no changing.

  162. merciiiiiiiiiiiiii I am crazy with pop fever and you 2 r to blame.

  163. cool tunes, groovey vibe, just plain fun you’ve heard all this before im sure! but not from me! Take care TRB!

  164. you had me the first time she crossed your mind!

  165. very british invasion, Beatlesesque, John Sebastien. Norman Smiths quote, wow! That is more telling that anything. Im proud to be a buttoneer for you!

  166. be back here often just to feel better, because that’s exactly what these songs do! sooth the soul. Incredible melodies, light, and just amazing– Joseph likes. J

  167. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS RECORD!!!!!!!! Did I mention I love it?! Cool site, great tunes, awesome fun, thanks!

  168. you guys hit it out of two parks. Melodic pop like this is truly magical and beautiful. As kids would say today hella amazing. Especially enjoyed Cruel and She’s About. Take care always

  169. Just listening to Cruel Girl, what a song. Reminds me of more than it should! Sometimes we gotta be cruel to be kind! Much love to you guys and hope to hear more in the future

  170. I write this type of music as well but you guys make me want to give up! I cannot stop playing your cd. Shes About To Cross My Mind is the best retro swingin London I have ever heard!

  171. hope you are having a pleasant Sunday! Much love for The Red…

  172. Just got your album – Fantastic. Reminds me of the swingin hip 60s and the entire pop revolution. I hope you guys are the start of a new one.

  173. This record is about to Cross again and again in my player ha ha! Love ya Button

  174. Had to show some love for the best pop album in the last 5 years

  175. F$%#&*^$ amazing guys, just the kind of songs I cannot get out of my head.

  176. My finance and I cannot listen to this album enough. What a fantastic album! We will be listening to this one for a long time.

  177. just have to tell you guys that i love your sound, and my friends are really enjoying you guys as well. keep doing what your doing 🙂

  178. I love the songs and really dig the style and tone of your music
    Have a great one
    Long Live The Button

  179. Thanks so much for allowing me to experience TRB
    Everything about your CD is groovy, the songs the pictures the sounds
    Have a great weekend boys!

  180. TGIF guys!
    loved floating by!!! thanx for the music and feel free to tell me about future releases!

  181. Aces for the album Seth and Mike
    Loving your crazy vibe and glad to see it alive

  182. shes about to cross my mind is the best song.. thanks for making my Wednesday! J J

  183. Hello there.
    Nice songs.
    Peace for all.

  184. Amazing! You guys sound like the 60s straight up and down! Great stuff!

  185. Thanks for the tunes. I love your great songs and your great sound!
    All the best for you

  186. Hooray for guestbookdom!
    aw your songs make me happy

  187. hi button lads!
    nice melodies! keep it shining!

  188. wow…….
    GREAT songs and sound.
    pleased to be in the Button universe.

  189. the spinning vinyl record is undyingly clever. no matter what anyone says, there is just something about the sounds of cds that will never quite match the feeling of hearing a new vinyl. if only i could hear some of these tracks on your album in all its spinning glory…

  190. hey! this band and album is really a nice surprise!
    many thanks for your music!

  191. Listen, I got the record last night and I really like it. Especially the first song and last song are just perfect on the record. Thank you!

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