“Floating By” is Featured on Eartaste.com

Posted on Apr 27, 2007 | 0 comments

As posted on eartaste.blogspot.com

“Daydreaming. Slipstreaming. Just floating by”. The song starts off with the vocalist and pianist taking us to a Friday evening party mood that can only be described as ethereal. As I chomp down some chips and salsa tlaquepaque I find my feet and brain dancing with the knowledge of the workweek ending and the truth that “it doesn’t matter what we do. Tomorrow’s always something new.” A song that is both modernly adventuresome and manages to elicit memories of Bacharach and the Beach Boys at the same time is exciting to my ears. “You never thought you’d ever live this long.” Ain’t that the truth? Yet, I’m glad because I’m enjoying the music being produced by folks like the Red Button. Shoutout for Hopes Up.

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