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Now It's All This!

Now It’s All This!

The Red Button (Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg) is back with Now It’s All This!their third release. Along with six new Beatles-esque beauties, Now It’s All This! contains unplugged rarities of four Red Button classic tracks, too. As if that weren’t enough, we also get remastered versions of their first two critically acclaimed LPs, 2007’s She’s About to Cross My Mindand 2011’s As Far As Yesterday Goes.

Let’s talk about the six new tracks, first. “Can’t Let Candy Go” is an uber-catchy song about hanging on to someone out of convenience. “Behind a Rainbow” has an innocence that I really love. The title track has an irresistible chorus. But my favorite track may be “Tracy’s Party”. The author has only a fleeting memory of the night before. Unfortunately, there are pictures. And he’s the only one in the pool. This really resonates with me and probably will with you, too.

The four unplugged rarities are some of the best tracks from the first two The Red Button LPs. “Picture” may be my favorite song of theirs so it’s great to hear it again here.

The remastered discs make Now It’s All This! Something of a retrospective, too. There’s something here for everybody. Speaking of which, everyone has that friend who no longer listens to new music because “they don’t record anything good any more”. Send them a gift. Buy then a copy of Now It’s All This! And let ‘em know what they’ve been missing. They’ll love you for it.

To summarize, when you get your copy of Now It’s All This!, you get:
• Six new The Red Button songs
• Four acoustic rarities
• Remastered version of She’s About to Cross My Mind
• Remastered version on As Far as Yesterday Goes

On Jem Records, The Red Button Now It’s All This! is available on October 20th. It will be available as a specially priced 2CD set at your local record store. If you prefer a digital download, you’ll be able to get Now It’s All This! at all the major online outlets including Amazon and iTunes. GET THIS ONE NOW.

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