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The Red Button’s She’s About To Cross My Mind is nothing short of a clinic in sheer pop velocity. Comprised of well-known singer/songwriter Seth Swirsky (who has penned hits for Taylor Dayne and Al Green) and former Rex Daisy frontman Mike Ruekberg, The Red Button are in love with the three minute pop song and want to make sure you know it. There’s the early Beatles influence all over “Cruel Girl,” the punchy “I Could Get Used To You” tipping its hat to The Hollies and the wistful “Ooh Girl,” whose narrator tells us he’s waiting “for the train in the London rain” with a delicious sorrow. The hooks never let up here—there’s Badfinger-inspired power pop (“Free”), sweet ‘60s grooves (“Gonna Make You Mine”) and longing, heartfelt ballads (“It’s No Secret”) and it all sounds so good you’ll swear you’ve heard it before. Lyrically She’s About To Cross My Mind breaks no new territory, but the songs are so appealing, it hardly matters. Swirsky and Ruekberg don’t seem very interested in profundity—their concern here is that the songs are memorable and last longer than a stick of gum. They are. They do.

~ Alex Green

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