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AS FAR AS YESTERDAY GOES- (GRIMBLE RECORDS)- OK,. So it’s been four years since their smashing debut (SHE’S ABOUT TO CROSS MY MIND) and in that time one half of this duo, Seth Swirsky, released a solid solo record and of these 12 songs, 9 of them were co-written by Swirsky and his partner Mike Ruekberg (while Swirsky wrote the other 3 by his lonesome) and these two just seem like they were born to write music together, they just do. The band’s debut was met with favorable reviews across the board and I was one of them. What was not to like, sugary, upbeat Beatles-ish pop that gave you a few cavities upon the first listen. They tone down the upbeatness if just a bit on this sophomore effort and that’s ok and by saying that I like the debut a smidge more doesn’t mean I don’t like this one, it just means I like the debut a smidge more. First cut “Caught in the Middle” could have been on the debut , a pure rush while “As Far as Yesterday Goes” , an apology to a girl with the writer wracked with guilt, slows it way down. “Picture” has enough “bah bah bahs” to qualify as a Beach Boys-influenced cut while “Easier” sounds like a moodier McCartney. From there on out the songs waver between the two styles: chiming, fist-pumping pop and slower, moodier pieces. So there you have it, a more subdued than the debut but still goin’ strong. I hope it’s not four years for record #3.

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