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Posted on Feb 21, 2007 | 0 comments

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She’s about to cross my mind again – this happens to me all day long. I think I’ve got her off my mind, and then – the memories go on and on.” Quiet, peaceful, not quite mournful way to start humpday. Fun dance, but I’m not going to break a sweat with this pleasant groove. That’s okay because I just ate a homemade hoagy for the first time in ages. Two layers of meat, three layers of veggies, and two layers of cheese, broiled for 7 minutes – perfect. Which reminds me of this song – it’s perfect – not too long, not too short. Lots of thought went into the wonderful production, the lyrics are decent and the music extremely tasty. Shoutout for Ooh Girl, which starts off with a string quartet to add some flavor to some nicely strummed guitars which quickly engulf the strings and introduce some brilliant harmonies. “Six o’clock I hear a knock – she breezes through the door and throws her hat on the sleeping cat.” Love it!

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