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The Red Button brings back the 60’s. Two pop songwriters Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg teamed up and the end result was a slice of pop heaven entitled She’s About To Cross My Mind. The album contains very classic beatles-influenced power pop. Of course music like this might be totally insignificant to some, but it can also be so damn enjoyable to a pop freak. These are hook-filled songs with lots of perfect harmonies. The kind of of pop songs that evokes smiles and bring sunshine to your heart.

The album kicks of with an excellent track Cruel Girl that just totally stucks in your heart. It might even get annoying, because it’s a tough task to get this simple tune out of your head and you might find yourself humming it in the streets of your town. However, the most stunning piece is the last song It’s No Secret. A really sweet pop tune with pretty harmonies and beatles guitars. Also the title song She’s About To Cross My Mind is a perfect pop tune. Perhaps there’s a couple of only nice tunes in the middle stages of the album, but I don’t let it really bother me because most of the album contains wonderful 60’s influenced pop music. A really enjoyable album.

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