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Yet another label-less, DIY release by some chaps with a British pop-music sound, a big, lush, pop music that owes allegiance to the United Kingdom (did you ever notice that Queen Elizabeth has some really big tits?). Although, I can’t pretend to know where they’re from, but there’s some pretty pop on this CD, “She’s About to Cross My Mind”, the latest from these two guys, Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg who, together call themselves The Red Button. On “She’s About to…” they get help from a whole slew of guests, people with names like John Fields, Mike Datz and Stevie Blacke.
Why they don’t have any label support is beyond me. Is this a demo? Well, it’s not packaged like a demo, which is why I was shocked to not see the logo of some record company on the CD cover anywhere.
Some examples of pure pop pleasure from “She’s About to…” are: “She’s Going Down”, a crooning, swooning, snap that evokes sunshine and crisp flowers; “I Could Get Used to You” is a levitating sweet smell that keeps the smile on your face going a bit longer; then there’s the Beatle-esque “Hopes Up”, wherein you can almost hear John Lennon singing harmony in the background.
It’s all very pop, very upbeat and quite, quite English. Go get yourself a copy and maybe we can help these chaps get a record contract and a visa so they can come over and visit! For now, though, you can go here and buy their music, write them love letters or just take a peek at their website: – KM.

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