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Retro is a difficult genera… doing vintage quite right is a challenge sucessfully managed by very few.  But, never quite content to leave a good style by the wayside, the Red Button has sent a long hand back into the 60’s to retrieve the trippy-happy jangle pop made so popular by the Beatles.  Songwriters Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg have created a delightful, sugar-coated sing-out-loud soundtrack for the new cardigan generation.

Originating in LA, this rose-colored glasses toting band had a diverse and respectable history – Swirsky is a polished and professional pop songwriter, Ruekberg played with Minneapolis pop/rock band, Rex Daisy.  Hopping down the trail of the Breetles, The Rooks,L.E.O, the Spongetones and others, the Red Button reach a peak of jangle-pop melodic harmony – totally unique songs with a respectful bow of honor to the past.

Suitable for lovers of the vintage pop as well as the new indie pop bands like the Shins, Jon Brion, and the Decemberists, the album offers eleven love infused songs.  ‘Ooh girl’ will remind listeners of the Beatles ‘Girl’, while the title track ‘She’s about to cross my mind’ will recall, well, the Beatles.  In fact, the Beatles references are so deep and pervasive in this album that strict classification may require side by side comparison.  Suffice it to say that this album is extremely pleasant to listen to and these tuneful fellows will surely be providing mood music for many a happy make-out session for years to come.

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