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11 songs about girls in less than 33 minutes – I would have liked this record even if I never heard it. But now that I have heard it – over and over… and over again, it’s the pop record all the indie-popsters have been afraid to make for the last decade. Instead of the haze of fuzzy logic and hipster cred, The Red Button write refreshingly direct, buoyant odes to loves lost and found without a hint of irony. They’ve earned their “Beatle-esque” sobriquet without reservation.

Sweet harmonies, jangly guitars, razor sharp songwriting and the most immediate, arresting hooks of any record that will come out in 2007 give the Red Button a leg up on all contenders to the power pop throne. Seth Swrisky and Mike Ruekberg are two industry vets that have blended their pop smarts to transport late 60’s / early 70’s top 40 to five minutes from now. That whiff of nostalgia is not overpowering, it’s intoxicating.

Dig the farfisa garage-rock stomp of “Gonna Make You Mine”, the opening strings of “Ooh Girl” (“I bury my face in the pillowcase / I miss her all day long”), the Tijuana Brass horns on the Elvis Costello doppelganger “Floating By”, the Big Star-ish “Can’t Stop Thinking About Her”, the Lennon worthy “Hopes Up” and the absolutely perfect pop of “She’s About to Cross My Mind”. I didn’t think they made records like this anymore.

More please.

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