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She’s About To Cross My Mind, by Red Button, is a flashback to the 60s and the time of the British invasion of The Beatles. This group has Los Angeles singer/songwriter Seth Swirsky, who has penned hits for best-selling artists such as Taylor Dayne and Rufus Wainwright. Another band member, Mike Ruekberg, wrote songs for the Adrien Brody film, Dummy. This album is a collaboration between two wordsmiths, which turned into a time capsule back to a heralded era in popular music.

“Cruel Girl” is a melodic homage about a girl that the band cannot seem to forgo thinking about. It has guitar work from Mike Datz and John Fields. The lilt of the singer’s voice shows listeners that he just cannot free himself from the spell of this wicked woman, with lines like, “I know you’re so bad to me, I just can’t forget that you’re a cruel girl, I’ll do anything you wanna do girl, I’ll believe that every lie is true girl. I could never settle for a new girl, cruel girl, what keeps me standin’ here by your side?” It seems the vocalist knows this relationship and this girl isn’t healthy for him, but like an opiate, he cannot tear himself away.

The title track has guitar, whimsical vocal stylings and drum play from Jerry Anderson and Petur Smith. The vocalist muses about a woman who has been triggered in his mind, either by chance or on purpose. It seems he wishes for her to re-enter his life, even though it seems she has put him behind her, with lyrics like, “But she’s moved on, those days are gone. She’s about to cross my mind again. Just like a thousand times before. I was feelin’ fine but why pretend, it only makes me want her more.” He is confessing that even though they parted ways, he still thinks about her, what could have been, and still yearns for her presence. It’s a bittersweet tune.

“She’s Going Down” has more guitar work from Datz and Fields, as well as drum work from Anderson and Smith. It’s a sprightly tune that might remind listeners of the “Fab Four” with its rhythm and tone. The band muses about a girl who likes to display certain emotions, mostly disagreeable ones, with lyrics like, “She’s going down, she’s going down, and it’s easy to see. She loves to frown, she loves to frown/she just melts in the sunshine/no one’s gonna change her mind.” It seems the band is focusing on this girl because of her despairing qualities, and maybe deep down, they hope they can turn her frown upside-down.

She’s About To Cross My Mind, from Red Button, is a soothing look back at a much loved decade of music. It might remind those who lived during that time about the sentiments they felt, and Red Button is trying to bring those carefree feelings into this time, and they do it with utter class and diligence.

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