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Posted on Mar 23, 2007 | 0 comments

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Here at the Trellises, we have a special place in our hearts for bands that mine all the pop sensibilities that were given to us as a result of the sixties. You know, those groups who knew how to make their guitars either ring or jangle. Those groups who knew when to add some brass or strings to a song, not to mention all those bands who made sure they had their three, four-part harmonies sounding just right. When lyrics describing a gent holding a girl’s hand and sneaking off to someplace more private before said girl turned around and broke said gent’s heart was enough to make the listener both melancholic and wistful. We love those types of groups.

These guys are on their way there to becoming one of those groups with this record, a record that I’ve been entertaining all my co-workers, not to mention Ms. DB, with all week. The Red Button,  and their debut album, She’s About To Cross My Mind, are all about concise, melodic pop songs in the 60s tradition. I’ve been enjoying this record so much that I’ve had quite the difficult time deciding what to throw up on the site but I think I’ll go with this one only because it sounds just a tad different than anything else found on the album due to the slight psych feeling the song evokes.

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