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The logic in the album’s title – if you’re aware that she’s about to cross your mind, then she’s already crossed your mind – is about the only flaw in this collection of sparkling Beatlesque pop tunes by the Red Button’s Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg. (Swirsky, for the record, also penned “Instant Pleasure,” which Rufus Wainwright covered on the soundtrack to “Big Daddy.”) This is power pop of the highest order, the kind of album you’d find in the late ‘90s before the scene collapsed on itself. Byrdsy guitars abound on the title track and “Hopes Up,” “Free” is the Red Buttons’ tribute to the Beatles’ “Rain,” and “Floating By” is a direct descendant of Owsley’s “Sonny Boy” and Ben Folds Five’s “Don’t Change Your Plans.” It’s a tricky thing to make a ‘60s pop record that doesn’t wallow in derivation, but the Red Button have done just that. Prepare for these songs to cross your mind again and again. ~David Medsker

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