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“I could be your cruel girl”

Seth and Mike. Two credish guys who’ve written songs for others for a long time. Now, they’ve put they’re clever brains together, resulting in their debut album “She’s About To Cross My Mind”.  And it’s much about “her” on the album.  She’s cruel, she haunts you in your memories, she’s depressed, she’s beautiful, she’s manipulative.  Though actually, I suppose it’s mostly about the single man’s feelings for a woman, he’s been idolizing. But what ever circumstance, there’s a thin, red line, running through the eleven tracks – the love, the obsession, the ever present living hope, the feeling of having been forsaken and left. I’m quite convinced that all of the songs are meant to be about the same girl. And it’s she that has crossed his mind. Over and over again.

“Oh you’re a cruel girl
No one else can hurt me like you do girl
But you know I’ll always be your fool girl
I could never settle for a new girl cruel girl”

And I like her to cross his mind. Sometimes, I think continuity and themes give life to a record, leaving you with the feeling that it’s actually for real. I don’t care that much for what’s taking place inside the heads of Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg or in their lovelifes. I don’t know whether either of them is mourning over lost love. In this case, that’s not the point. But there’s a voice, an ego in the record, and it’s he who is that beautifully unlucky in love and addicted.

Everything by The Red Button smells like the sixties. The cover, the inside, the typing, the hair. And yes, the music. Think of The Beatles. Think of The Byrds. Think of The Beach Boys. Think of the soundtrack to the movie “That Thing You Do!” featuring Liv Tyler. The Red Button are sixties powerpop of the 21st century, and that at its best. And inspite of the slightly downbeat theme of the record, the music is nowhere near the minor keys. And that nicely joiful sound fits well in with the ever lasting hope that’s inside the ego of the song. She’ll surely love him one fine day. She’s gorgeous. I like The Red Button very much. Cozy. Not that demanding on your brains, which suits me from time to time. Besides, I think “I Could Get Used To You” is a beautiful, simple ode:

“‘Cause you got a thing I could get used to
You turn me on just as you are
Whatever you are I could get into
I could get used to you”

– Madelene Holm / Dagens Skiva

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