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The Red Button consists of Seth Swirsky and Mike Ruekberg, American gentlemen who are obsessed with two things, 60s britpop and girls. Jangly guitars, sweet harmonies, catchy melodies and lovelorn lyrics run throughout their debut album.

‘Cruel Girl’ makes their love of Beatles-esque pop instantly clear, with cooing “ahh ahh” backing vocals and a sudden bitter burst adding oomph to the sentiment of the song. Title track ‘She’s About To Cross My Mind’ is a lighter affair, much like ‘Floating By’, all daydreamy and sun-drenched. ‘I could get used to you’ is full of saccharine notions, but never gets sickly, no matter how many times you listen to it.

‘Gonna Make You Mine’ is an upbeat treat than will have you shaking your tail feather and contains the ultimate rhyming of cool and fool! ‘Ooh Girl’ is another shining example of the simple rhymes that are used to great effect; “Late for the train in the London rain, but I don’t even care. The memory lingers of my fingers running through her hair” and features the adorable lyric “I bury my face in a pillowcase and miss her all day long”.

The Red Button has made eleven pop ditties and although they’re not groundbreaking (And at times sound samey), they are undeniably enjoyable.

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