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Posted on Aug 17, 2007 | 0 comments

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When it comes to recreating the sounds of the 60’s, I don’t think anyone can ever better The Rutles, a fictional band created by Neil Innes, for a mockumentary inspired very much by the Beatles. That being said, I think The Red Button comes pretty darn close, with this incredible collection of 11 tracks, which really do feel like they’ve been lifted directly from the height of the 60’s.

Opening with “Cruel Girl”, this is more Byrds than Beatles, but it’s 100% 60’s. The title track here, draws this time on another of the many 60’s influences and while you do feel like you’ve heard it all before, it’s still very engaging to listen to. When I got to “Floating By” it’s almost like a pastiche of The Rutles, which is really taking things full circle.

I mentioned recently on the podcast, that the perfect length for a pop song, is around the 2 to 3 minute mark and all but one of the tracks here, fall within that range. The only longer track is just a touch under 4 minutes, so still near that ideal range. That means that this 11 track just flies by. Everytime I’ve listened to this album, I end up with an amazing sense of happiness and think that this is could raise all but the blackest of spirits.

Conclusion : If the 60’s is right up your alley, then you’re really going to enjoy this album. I can just image someone buying this and getting the 60’s bug all over again.

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