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Apparently this is the year of the super artist team-up. Seth Swirsky, who released the awesome “Instant Pleasure” and Mike Ruekberg from Rex Daisy have combined to form The Red Button – and I have a new album for my top 10 of 2007. Not since L.E.O. have I heard a better “tribute-styled” inspired album. The Red Button are the new incarnation of the Spongetones. Yup, that means Beatlesque to the max. And I personally, am very fond of that style of power pop. It’s not easy to come up with three minute gems that sound original, but still evoke Lennon and McCartney, just ask Neil Innes. The Red Button deliver near perfection here. Rickenbacker jangle and minor chords are everywhere here. My favorite song here is “Hopes Up” a great single with excellent catchyness. Other songs you can’t ignore are “Cruel Girl”, and the title tune. l could not find a weak track at all — maybe one, “Free” is a bit too much like the Beatles’ “Rain” but that’s a very minor flaw (if you even could call it that). Stop reading this and visit the notlame’s special page where you can hear the entire album streaming. Order it and you will not be sorry.

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